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Create smarter, do action

Original written 23 Jun 21
“Create things that you think should exist, work smarter by working on things you enjoy the process of solving. Do not wait around for the perfect idea to start working, learn and create progress through action. Some of the best things are the most obvious.”

— I had this thought stuck in my mind on how to convey a simple & effective message on how to self-learn software programming & creating project ideas.

For me, I started early doing game modding/development, then started using 3D modeling & leveling design tools, and eventually transitioning into object-oriented programming alongside working on new frontend & software projects whenever my friends or I had a cool idea. Some people can learn doing coding challenges with tools such as Code Academy, which is fine, but some of the best programmers I’ve met got their knowledge through messing around and working on stuff they were genuinely interested in and enjoyed doing, why else would you want to get into programming?

If you want to get into programming or just need to come up with a good idea; always start small, don’t expect to create a market-dominating product when you’re in the early stages of learning. Even large companies/very experienced developers start their projects small, by developing an MvP. I have always aimed to have a market-viable/working solution within a two-week period, try not to get stuck working on something for months on end with nothing to show, starting with a clean slate after getting some experience from a project is a great way to learn.

Simple project ideas

Either way, just find something to work on and you’ll find cool stuff along the way.

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From the book Atomic Habits